Making a Difference is a South Bucks charity committed to strengthening communities through the nurturing of corporate and personal social conscience. We believe that generous living is not only about finance, it encompasses every aspect of our lives.

Here, in SOUTH BUCKS, we work across the community in local events, clubs and schools, helping people explore what it means to live generously; whether by words, actions or attitudes.

In KAMPALA, UGANDA, we partner with a network of over 100 projects that work with vulnerable children and young families.  With this network, known as CRANE, we support the different projects through leadership training, skill sharing and uniting them through joint events and activities.

TOGETHER, these two visions allow us to move beyond theoretical social conscience and provide the people of South Bucks and Kampala with practical applications. If you want to share your skills and help meet the needs of the Ugandan people: join one of our team trips. If you want to stay closer to home: get involved in events, fundraising or our schools work.

Not all support is financial. There are many way to be MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

For more information contact: making.a.difference@hotmail.co.uk