Gerrards Cross Barclays are MAD

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land

The people were out shopping for their festive plans.

They bought turkeys and sprouts and presents and trees

There were so many people they wanted to please:

A holiday for mum, a playstation for dad,

And then gifts for the children, unless they’ve been bad.

It was, quite frankly, exhausting to meet all their ‘needs’

‘But I want more stuff’ you’d hear people plead.

But today something happened to bring Christmas cheer

In a bank, of all places, we know that sounds weird.

In Gerrards Cross Barclays, where MAD could be found

They matched our fundraising, a pound for a pound.

We set up a stall, and stayed 10 until 4

Greeting every customer with cake at the door.

The money we raised will not fix every pain

Corruption and hunger are not easily slain.

But it will make a change to the lives of a few

And we never know what those people will do…

Thanks to the matched funding provided by Barclays Bank in Gerrards Cross, we were able to raise over £2,000.  This funding goes towards supporting our ongoing work with vulnerable children in Kampala, Uganda.

Money cannot solve each and every problem in the battle against poverty and injustice, but it will help the lives of vulnerable children who can grow to effect change in their nation.  At Making A difference we want to support CRANE as they start at the source, changing attitudes towards education and childcare in Uganda so that future generations will grow to become a nation of justice and change.