• join-a-team

    Help us to make a difference

    Going out to Kampala to work with the network could involve healthcare, education, activity clubs, maintenance and building work, sports programmes, community clean-up… the needs are substantial and diverse. No matter who you are or where you’re from your time and simple presence will support and encourage the projects. Teams are sent to uganda three or four times a year, as the network requires.

  • attend-an-event

    Make it Social and Fun

    You could attend one of our sports events, a pub quiz, a sponsored walk, a formal dinner… there are plenty of fun and creative ways to raise money. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know people in our own community, and unite South Bucks in a new way. Contact us for more ideas and information on how to motivate your school, your workplace or your family to engage with the needs of Uganda’s children. Whether you can raise a few pounds or a few hundred pounds, somebody’s life will be changed.

  • Give a Gift

    We wont say no to a donation

    Even one pound goes a long way in Ugandan shillings! gifts can assist with anything from basic food and healthcare costs to school fees, premises upkeep and staff wages. If you simply want to offer a general donation then you can contact us for donation details.