The children of Kampala are at risk in many ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. It takes a lot of different people to offer them the care, support and development they need. Rather than working with a single project, MAD works in partnership with a city-wide network — a group of over 120 local projects that have come together to help the children in their communities.

CRANE (the children at risk action network) is made up of many different kinds of local organisations, ranging from schools and hospitals to rehabilitation centres, churches and orphanages. In total the network reaches out to over 10,000 vulnerable children across the city of Kampala. The CRANE network is brilliantly positioned to let us know exactly what and where the needs are, allowing us to make the best use of our resources and assist the projects and children of the city in the most helpful way.

Check out some examples of the projects in the network…


    Children with special needs

    Ugandan culture often places a higher value on healthy ‘normal’ children, and often those with disabilities are kept out of site at home, or even abandoned by their families or cast out of their communities. When CRANE was founded in 2004, only two of its projects worked with disabled children.  That number has more than […]


    Schools and education programmes

    The Ugandan government has committed to providing primary education for all children.  Though progress is being made, many children in Uganda are still not able to attend these schools for a variety of reasons.  Private schools are very common across the country.  Many have sprung up in communities where there is not yet a state […]


    Crisis pregnancy services

    Another area of work by some of CRANE‘s member projects is support for pregnant teenage girls.  In Uganda there is little education about contraception and many young girls fall pregnant in situations where their families cannot or will not support them. The crisis pregnancy centres provide a home for such girls for the last few […]


    HIV/Aids projects

    Some of CRANE‘s projects work to change the Ugandan attitude towards HIV/Aids.  One residential project offers care and education to orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV/Aids. Located in a slightly more rural setting, it is also striving to be self-sustaining by growing food and keeping a variety of animals. Another project is based in […]


    Babies’ homes

    Some of CRANE‘s projects are homes that take on abandoned babies and toddlers.  These children may have been dumped in garbage bins, pit latrines or simply left unattended by the side of the road. The homes provide a safe and loving environment for the babies while working to identify and locate family members so that […]